About Us

Tallgrass Tailor is a tailoring and clothing alterations service located in the heart of Brookside, in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we offer everything from shortening your favorite pair of jeans to full wedding dress alterations. We specialize in giving men, women, and children the perfect fit in any clothing, for any occasion. You are perfect, but your clothing isn’t, we can fix that!

Meet the Tailor:

This story begins a little differently than you might imagine.
Our founder, Shae did not start off sewing, she did not learn to sew from her grandmother and in fact, fabric was not even her first artistic medium.

This story actually begins in a garage.

A gitty, fume-filled warehouse with copper metal shaving and cooled molten brass covering every surface. Before she learned how to seam silk, she was seaming steel. And in many ways, they’re not that different. Both temperamental, wanting to be handled just the right way.

As the daughter of a welder, Shae found her creative outlet it an albeit dangerous but exciting hobby and spent years working with her dad, helping him build unbelievable sculptures out of every kind of metal they could get their hands on. She recalls one particularly unique find, when they came across the hood from an industrial kitchen cooktop that took on a new life in their shop as an abstract 3D steel sculpture of a figure both ascending and descending a staircase. To put it lightly, she had a unique childhood. “It was basically a high stakes art class, where I could make some money working part time for him, learning to become fearless in the face of flame, fire, and filament and on my off hours, I could sneak back into the shop and tinker.”

Lucky for her, she found out early on that the joy of figuring out how things come together can never be lost once discovered.
As her teenage years wore on, she started to think more about how everything was made and had the realization that someone, somewhere made the t-shirt she was wearing at that very moment. It was mind blowing to think that in such a technologically evolving word, the most advanced hardware being used to make our body coverings were human hands. Here was all this inspiration, literally right under her nose.

She started simple like many do, cutting up t-shirts and destroying yard sale curtains in the name of fashion and tomorrow’s outfit for school, moving on to costumes for the school plays and finally creating things that she could actually wear, graduating to inserting zippers and prom dresses! As the end of high school crept up, her dad suggested that people might go to college for this kind of thing and maybe they should take a look at that possibility.

And sure enough, people do go to school for this kind of thing. And Shae, with a makeshift portfolio of Elizabethan Shakespeare inspired costume became one of them. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Apparel Design and Product Development in the illustrious state of New York at Marist College in the breath-taking Hudson Valley upstate. While in school she had the extremely fortunate occurrence of crossing paths with her future husband, Garrison, in none other than Garrison, New York at the United States Military Academy at West Point. At that fateful football game during her first fall away from home she met her future co-founder, and was happily bribed with a pair of authentic cowgirl boots ( a big deal for a Yankee) out to Fort Hood Texas for their first station together. She became a traveling tailor of sorts, sewing her way from Army base to Army base as a military wife sewing on new ranks and patches and keeping the unit uniforms in check.

Then fate (and Ft. Sill) brought Shae and Garrison to Oklahoma (for the third time) and after a life so far of growing up on the east coast, they both knew this wild new frontier was where they wanted to stay. After hearing down in Lawton that there was supposedly “green country” in the northern part of the state they were intrigued and upon their move north found that autumn foliage in Oklahoma was possible and the trees were as green as they’d hoped!

After a few years of getting settled in Tulsa, they have established and run Tallgrass Tailor, right on Brookside.
Now, almost 15 years on from that first torn up t-shirt, Shae still spends her days (carefully) tearing up lots of other people’s t-shirts.
Some may consider sewing to be a dying field but as most people continue to NOT leave their houses naked (themselves included), they feel that the tailoring industry will continue to flourish and grow!

As a budding business in this seasoned but still critical industry, they hope when you find that pair of pants that doesn’t fit or dress that’s still too long to wear, you’ll stop by and say hello!

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